The Rooms

Candy Shop

Jessie Jelly’s world-famous candy shop has successfully perfected the tastiest chocolate bar of all time. Fearful that it will be stolen from her, she has locked away each individual ingredient to ensure the recipe remains a secret. However, Jessie Jelly is forgetful and can’t remember where the ingredients are hidden. It is down to you and your team to help her make the chocolate before it's time for the shop to open.

The Candy Shop is one of the best escape room experience for everyone that doesn’t like scary or creepy rooms. This room is designed to be kid friendly, but it’s not just for kids. Both younger and older players love the room and the additional sweets they find throughout the game. With no scare jumps you can focus on solving the puzzles and enjoy the sweet treats you find progressing through the experience. Perfect choice for families and beginners. The room is our easiest room, but still very challenging for everyone.

Please be advised that this room:

  • Has edible sweets that may contain nuts, gelatine and other potentially harmful ingredients.
  • Is located near our other themed escape rooms which can transmit loud noises or distressing sounds that may be unsuitable for some. 

Recommended minimum age: 8
2-6 players only
Escape Rate: 85%
Difficulty: 6/10



You wake up confused. You have never been here before. You try to move and notice you are handcuffed. As you take in your surroundings, reality dawns on you…

You have been taken Hostage! You have lost track of time and the days roll into one. You hear the door slam and know that this is your only chance! Realising you can only rely on yourself and your friends, you take the opportunity to escape… 

Hostage is statistically our hardest room including several challenging and perplexing puzzles. Although the room is not promoted as scary it has a distinct atmosphere which adds tension and suspense to your experience.

Please be advised that this room: 

  • Contains sequences of flashing lights which may be unsuitable for customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.
  • Physical activities that may appear challenging to some.

Recommended age: 10+
2-6 players only
Escape rate: 45%
Difficulty : 9/10

Cabin In The Woods

You and your friends decide to go camping in the woods. It’s a cold, dark night and you are all sitting around the campfire enjoying each other’s company. Suddenly, you hear a piercing scream. Feeling brave you head in the direction of the danger. Coming across an old sinister cabin you think it may be time to turn back. However, knowing someone needs your help you persist and discover the door is unlocked. Deciding to go inside and investigate, the door slams shut behind you! You hear loud banging from the outside and realise that you are trapped! Looking around, you notice that this is no ordinary cabin in the woods.

It is the home of a serial killer!

Since we opened in 2017, Cabin in the Woods has been beloved by many customers and continues to be our most popular experience. The tense atmosphere in conjuncture with the immersive setting creates an experience like no other.  The room is designed to be scary and dimly lit, making it ideal for horror fans and thrill-seekers alike.

Please be advised that this room:

  • Features loud and potentially distressing sounds throughout. 
  • Is played in less than adequate lighting. 
  • Has frequent jump scares which may be unsettling for some. 
  • Contains sequences of flashing lights which may be unsuitable for customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.

We’ve introduced new options for families with younger children when booking Cabin in the Woods: the LIGHT and DARK versions.

Both versions offer identical gameplay and puzzles. The distinction lies in the LIGHT version, which eliminates jump scares and ensures that the room remains adequately lit throughout, without ever going dark. In contrast, the DARK version retains the eerie atmosphere of the Cabin, as it has always been.

Recommended minimum age:  12
2-6 players only
Escape Rate: 57%
Difficulty: 9\10



You have been tormented by your nightmares for as long as you can remember. You’re exhausted from enduring the pain of waking up screaming and terrified every night. You feel trapped, confused and like your inner demons are waiting for an opportunity to strike. 

This torture must end, you don’t know how much more you can take. 

You’ve searched tirelessly online for a solution, and just when you were convinced you’ve tried everything, an advert for a new technology catches your eye. Intrigued, you click to find out more and see this technology can induce lucid dreams allowing your conscious state to enter your Nightmares. During this time, to free yourself from your Nightmares once and for all, you must collect unique objects while faced with each terrifying scenario. 

While reading, you see that you don’t need to walk this journey alone, the technology has been advanced so that friends and family can help you overcome each of your fears one by one. They say the procedure is 100% safe but has limitations… You will only have 60 minutes to navigate this hellish dreamscape, or you will be trapped in your Nightmares for eternity!

Please be advised that this room:

  • Contains sequences of flashing lights which may be unsuitable for customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.
  • Includes physical activities that may appear challenging for some.
  • Involves being confined in small spaces with up to 6 persons.
  • Features loud noises and distressing sounds.
  • Features violent and unsettling scenes.
  • Has live actors and frequent jump scares. 
  • Features uneven and textured flooring. 
  • Is not suitable for players below the age of 16. 
  • Is not suitable for individuals who are pregnant. 
  • Is not suitable for individuals who have been diagnosed with a heart condition.

Up to 6 players maximum!
Escape Rate: 66%
Difficulty: 7\10