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Candy shop

Jessie Jelly’s world-famous candy shop has successfully perfected the tastiest chocolate bar of all time. Fearful that it will be stolen from her, she has locked away each individual ingredient to ensure the recipe remains a secret.

However, Jessie Jelly is forgetful and can’t remember where the ingredients are hidden. It is down to you and your team to help her make the chocolate before its time for the shop to open.

The Candy Shop is one of few escape rooms in the UK that is designed with families and first-time players in mind. With a joyful and friendly theme, this experience is suitable for all players. Supporting multiple puzzles with a range of difficulty, this unique escape room is both challenging and entertaining.

Recommended for

Recommended minimum age: 8

2-6 players only

Escape Rate: 66%

Difficulty: 6/10


You wake up confused. You have never been here before. You try to move and notice you are handcuffed. As you take in your surroundings, reality dawns on you…

You have been taken Hostage!

You have lost track of time and the days roll into one. You hear the door slam and know that this is your only chance! Realising you can only rely on yourself and your friends, you take the opportunity to escape… 

Hostage is statistically our hardest room including several challenging and perplexing puzzles. Although the room is not promoted as scary it has a distinct atmosphere which adds tension and suspense to your experience. At Blackout, we have two hostage rooms so if you have a group bigger than 6 but not more than 12, you can split in two team and compete against each other. This involves both teams taking on the same puzzles and challenges against the clock and each other.

Recommended for

Recommended minimum age: 12

Please note that the game may include some flashing lights.

2-6 players only

Escape rate: 30%

Difficulty: 10/10

Cabin In The Woods

You and your friends decide to go camping in the woods. It’s a cold, dark night and you are all sitting around the campfire enjoying each other’s company. Suddenly, you hear a piercing scream. 

Feeling brave you head in the direction of the danger. Coming across an old sinister cabin you think it may be time to turn back. However, knowing someone needs your help you persist and discover the door is unlocked. Deciding to go inside and investigate, the door slams shut behind you! You hear loud banging from the outside and realise that you are trapped! Looking around, you notice that this is no ordinary cabin in the woods.

It is the home of a serial killer!

Since we opened in 2017, Cabin in the Woods has been beloved by many customers and continues to be our most popular experience. The tense atmosphere in conjuncture with the immersive setting creates an experience like no other.  The room is designed to be scary and dimly lit, making it ideal for horror fans and thrill-seekers alike.

Recommended for

Recommended minimum age:  15

Please note that this room is dimly lit and may include some flashing lights.

2-6 players only

Escape Rate: 40%

Difficulty: 8\10


Coming soon…

Coming soon…

Recommended for

Recommended minimum age: TBC

2-6 players only

Escape Rate: TBC